Apr 7, 2010

Classic Comics Press now ready with two new books.

Mary Perkins - One Stage #7 is now ready for the printer, Charles Pelto tell us in a message.

CCP begun its publication of these nice reprint books a few years ago, starting with On Stage, and soon followed the success with The Hearth of Juliet Jones. The Juliet Jones book is now ready with #3.

Both series print Daily strips and Sundays in strict chronologic order, all in sharp bw, and as Pelto tell us, from the best possible originals.

Quote Charles Pelto:
"The On Stage book was a bit of a task, had to replace lots of strips throughout the book, especially in the Pete in Vietnam storyline but I'm sure all of you will feel it was worth the wait when you see the final product.

Two weeks ago I was able to replace about 30 of them with scans from original art owned by the marvelous David Apatoff. A great foreword by Leonard and an insightful intro from Sal Amendola. Volkov, the origin of Maximus, Pete in Vietnam - you guys are going to love it!!!!! "

I have no trouble saying the books are a must for everyone who like to read (or read again) classic strip stories, I suggest you have a look at what else Charles offer on his site while you wait for these two books to show up on you seller's list. Link to the publisher's site: http://www.classiccomicspress.com/

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