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  1. Have you seen ? It links to a bunch of original Wilson McCoy artwork for sale. Thought you'd be interested!


  2. I just came across your blog and I also saw some of your posts on the Phantom forum. I really like the way you are very honest and blunt, and give your exact opinion even if anyone else likes it or not.

    Since you posted the Classiccomics link, I would appreciate it if you could share your list of other high quality publications. I am not that well versed with comics as you are, but if I have to buy something, I might as well start with buying the best.

  3. I could post a list of recommendations and I may, till then have a look at for new and a bit older reprints.

    If you, or other her, have special comics in mind just let me know.

    I also run a yahoo list where I post samples of classic strips of a wide specter. Let me know if you are interested.


  4. Thanks Ivan, that would be really nice.

    You know there are so many comics both old and new - and even among the better ones, there is simply too much to choose from.

    I like my comics to be more traditional (I mean, for me, stuff like current Marvel and DC superheroes is very stupid). But yes, I enjoy a lot of comics from the so-called golden age of comics in America.

    I am also learning french especially for reading french comics too! I thought of japanese, but it seems manga can be quite violent. (I think I am going off topic so will stop writing on this :)

    And yes, I would like to be on your yahoo list, so please let me know how.

    Looking forward to your list of recommendations! (there's no hurry, you can make the list at leisure)

    Finally, I have some questions about the Phantom ---
    1. I have never subscribed to frew for phantom. I want to know your opinion on whether its good or I should wait (forever?) for a full collection that may come someday.

    2. I know the Phantom also has new stories in languages other than English - Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. Are these stories and artwork really good/faithful when compared with the original? (I hate what moonstone did)
    And if the stories are good, are all of them translated precisely into english?
    Beause if a lot of stories do not undergo translation, it may be time for me to learn another language just for the Phantom (I am quite serious!)

  5. Hi

    If you had asked about Frew some years ago I would recommend it as a source for a Phantom collection. Today I find that the classic work are to seldom seen and to bad printed. However they print almost ever new story made in Sweden.

    For the Swedish stories, it is my opinion that they have been very close to the original Phantom. When Sweden started we had just seen the start of Barry so that is the version Sweden has been using.


  6. Ivan, you said "almost ever new story" - so if I want to read them in english - I must buy frew for this purpose only, I suppose.

    How is the paper quality and printing of the swedish phantom compared to frew?


  7. The new stories from Egmont are done to fit coloring, and the line in the art is some how "simpler" than before. Some years ago we had rasters (small dots) in the Phantom's suit, and the artist did some to give the bw art more live. These comes out very bad in a new Frew printing, but the new stories are resonable. In Norway they print in full colors on good comic book paper and with very much better quality. Frew use newsprint and low resulotion in their print.

    Send me an email to ipcomics(at)gmail(dot)com to get an invitation for my Yahoo group!!

  8. So the norwegian and swedish stories are identical, and the quality/print is also the same for both?
    (Sorry that I ask more and more details because I really may learn the language - I have been thinking on this for a long time). Shall I continue this line of talk here or should I ask on email?)

    Also are there other good comics in norwegian and swedish which never make it to english?



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