Jun 23, 2010

A queen or not - or what happened between stories??

In the new Phantom story from Egmont in Fantomet – 13 and Frew #1572 I found something strange.

The story itself tell about a member of the Jungle Patrol who is something special, and have a special “relation” to the commander (who bay the way is not secret back then).

You find out more when you read the story.

This is a story from the chronicles, telling about the 6th Phantom who started the Jungle Patrol back in 1664, and his wife who was the queen of Navarra.

It is some fact from the original story back in 1964 compared to the new one that puzzle me. We all know from reading the old Sunday strip, which told us that the Natala “gave away” the throne to her brother, and by that was queen no more. We also saw that no one in her homeland knew where the queen was.

Then in this new story we are told that she still has duties to her country and in fact is queen just like nothing had happen at all.

What happened between these two stories that I don’t know about?? I can’t remember being told that the Natala became Queen again, can you??

Anyway, what is the answer, Did the writer simply ignored the one panel from 1964 about the queen giving away her throne, or did he not read the old story well enough??

Who know?? It is strange to read such changing of facts just like that.



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